Is the Internet Right for Me?

Please answer “Yes” or “no.”

1. I have a Properly equipped windows or IOS based computer at my disposal whenever I need to access my online class.


2. I have at least Microsoft Office 2010 or MAC software that can create and open¬†Excel, PowerPoint, Word;¬†and I have Printing Capability. The software in red are “Must Have’s”.


3. I have an e-mail address or am willing to have one.


4. I took the test linked in the “Start Here” lesson and found my browser compatible for course requirements.


5. I have access to the Internet on my computer.


6. I have current virus protection on my computer.


7. I have midlevel competency with word processing.


8. I have midlevel competency using a browser to move around on the Internet.


9. I am familiar with or have posted to a threaded message board discussion.


10. I know how to send and open attachments in e-mail.